Rotary Bangalore Abilities

COVID-19 Initiatives

Cloth masks sets to the people in the Slums and Vegetable Market at Jakkur where distributed and created awareness amongst the public on the Covid prevention Norms. Distributed Cloth Mask for the Rural school children. Also took part in the donating for the Mask distribution programs.

Mask Distribution at School - Shivananda Trust

N95, Oximeters, Sanitizers to the Hospitals to use for the Below Poverty People. Oximeters, Sanitizers and N95 mask were also distributed for the Covid affected people. Provided food and Supplements for the ESI hospital staff and patients for a day. Was a part of Mother Meal program and provided Ration kits to Disabled Families

Safety Equipment for Health Care Workers
Grocery Kit Distribution

N95, Medicines, Flask Bottle, Disinfectant Spray, Sanitizers for Auto Drivers. Medicines, N95 Masks were provided for the Securities.

Medical Supply to Auto Drivers
Medical Supply to Securities

Police Warriors were given the UV Sterilizer Box, Face Shield.  Nurses were given UV Sterilizer Box, Juicer Bottles and Masks

Safety Equipment to Police Warriors
Safety Equipment to Police Warriors
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