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RBA Organ Donation Awareness Project

An effort to promote social awareness on organ donation, a free initiative joining hands with Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network – In a mission to reach millions…

What everybody should know about Organ Donation?

  • Around 80 million people need a transplant.
  • Anybody regardless of age, race, religion or gender can become a potential organ donor.
  • Potential organ donors are those who have been diagnosed to be brain dead. Brain death is “Death” and not coma.
  • Organs that can be donated are the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, heart valves, lungs, eyes, bones, skin, nerves and other tissues.
  • Sale of organs from the dead or living is absolutely illegal.

Facts on Organ Donation

  • Age limits for organ donation no longer exist. Only organs consented and specified will be retrieved.
  • Organs are retrieved surgically and no disfigurement occurs.
  • Collection and distribution of precious human organs is free of cost.
  • The medical team treating you is separate from the transplant team.
  • In India, organ donation is anonymous.
  • All organized religions support donations, typically considering it a generous act that is the individual’s choice.
  • The organ allocation and distribution is blind to wealth or social status.

What is Jeevasathakathe?

The Government of India has passed the Transplantation of Human Organ Act(THOA) in 1994, which was adopted by the Government of Karnataka on April 4, 1995. Jeevasathakathe has been constituted to make rules and regulations and to facilitate deceased donor transplantation activities in the State of Karnataka. Whom you can contact for Organ Donation? The only recognized organization in the state of Karnataka through which organ donations and transplants are coordinated is Jeevasathakathe. Organ Donation Pledge Rotary Bangalore Abilities has appointed a representative to assist with doubts, questions, to distribute and collect pledge form, Name: Rotarian Sudhakar,Mobile: +91-9480057870, Donor’s or Donor Clubs are request to submitted Printed Pledge Form (Filled and signed by donor, witness 1 & 2) and sent to Rtn. Sudhakar S. No. 5, Sangam Road, Kamaraj Road Cross, Bengaluru – 560042.

“Organ Donation is not giving up a part of you to keep a total stranger alive. It is really a total stranger giving up almost all of them to keep a part of you alive.”

Take Pledge – Give a Gift of Life

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